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Alumni Corner

Gururaj M,Allegis (Batch of 1993)

Kaushal Verma, Andritz (Batch of 2016)
Gururaj (ME) and family as well as Kaushal (M.Tech(Res)) who visited for the Symposium on 21 April, 2018

Visit of Dr. Srinivas Mohan,Ansys (Batch of 2000) 12 April 2018. Srinivas Mohan has been working closely with Prof Venugopal who is restructuring the Reaction Engineering course taught for our 1st year graduate students. Srinivas Mohan delivered a set of lectures in the course to expose the students to real world problems in chemical reaction engineering, covering aspects of design and modern computational analysis. He also delivered a department seminar during his recent visit to IISc.

Visit of Pudukottai, Sundar
GE Power, General Electric Co. USA,
(Batch of 1997) 27 February, 2018
He delivered a department seminar on "Jouney beyond chemical engineering" during his recent visit to IISc.