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- B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras (1977)
- M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Houston (1979)
- Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Houston (1982)


- CH 205 Chemical Reaction Engineering
- CH 244 Treatment of Drinking Water
- CH 207 Applied Statistics and Design of Experiments

Awards & Honors

- Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, 1992
- Best paper award for the papers published in the Indian Chemical Engineer during the year 2013



1. Samrat, M.V.V.N., Rao, K.K., SenGupta, A.K., Riotte, J., and Mudakavi, J.R., Defluoridation of reject water from a reverse osmosis unit and synthetic water using adsorption, J. Water Process Engineering 23 (2018) 227 - 237.

2. Samrat, M.V.V.N., Rao, K.K., Ruggeri, B., and Tommasi, T., Denitrification of water in a microbial fuel cell (MFC) using seawater bacteria, J. Cleaner Production 178 (2018) 449 - 456.

3. Debnath, B., Rao, K.K., and Nott, P.R., The lift on a disc immersed in a rotating granular bed, AIChE J 63, 5482-5489 (2017)

4. Tumram, S., Rao, K.K., and Ananth, M.S., Augmented Gibbs-Tolman model for surface tension, Langmuir 33, 11687-11697 (2017)

5. Medina, A., Serrano, D.A., Gutierrez, G.J., Rao, K.K. and Vargas, C.A., On the mass flow rate from silos with lateral exit holes, Revista Mexicana de Fisica 59, 287-291, (2013).


1. Rao, KK, and Nott, PR, An Introduction to Granular Flow, Cambridge University Press (2008).