Graduating Students

MD Aslam Ansari
Research Topic: Modeling of redox flow battery
amd at
Advisor: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Neha Lamba
Research Topic:Kinetics and thermodynamics underlying the synthesis of biodiesel from algae in supercritical fluids
lneha at
Advisor: Jayant M Modak & M Giridhar
Rimzhim Gupta
Research Topic:Development of novel nanomaterials for antibacterial applications
rimzhim at
Advisor: Jayant Modak & M Giridhar
Saurabh Umrao
Research Topic: Nano-fabrication by DNA self assembly
usaurabh at
Advisor: Rahul Roy
Rajasekaran M
Research Topic: Molecular simulation of nano confined fluid
rajasekaran at
Advisor: K Ganapathy Ayappa

Ananya Saha
Research Topic:Estimating risk of VRC01 failure due to envelope sp$ HIV
ananyasaha at
Advisor: Narendra M Dixit
Aadhil Basith
Research Topic:Modeling the flow through Coronary Arteries
aadhila at
Advisor: V Kumaran
Aamir Faisal Ansari
Research Topic:Studying microbial interaction in oral microbiome
ansarifaisal at
Advisor: Narendra M Dixit
Ashish Thakur
Research Topic:Enhancing the cyclability of soluble lead redox flow battery by improving adhesion of deposits on electrodes
ahishthakur at
Advisor: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Shivam gupta
Research Topic:Analysing the transport of drugs molecules through the efflux pump by molecular dynamics simulations
shivamgupta at
Advisor: K Ganapathy Ayappa
Sagar Bathla
Research Topic:Water transport in graphene nanopores
sagarbathla at
Advisor: K Ganapathy Ayappa