Seminars: 1st Semester - 2019

Aug - Dec 2019

Date Speaker Title
22-08-19 Mohit Jolly, BSSE, IISc Mathematical modeling of cellular plasticity during cancer metastasis
27-08-19 Ananya Saha, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium :A framework for optimizing immunotherapy for long-term control of HIV
29-08-19 Brinda K. Varma, Advocate & IPR Consultant, Aekam Legal Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace
09-09-19 Disha Jain, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense: Syngas Production by Methane Reforming and H2 Purification by CO Abatement over Transition Metal-Substituted Reducible Oxides
12-09-19 Jeevanath Avaroth, Shell Technology Centers, Shell Safety-related practices
17-09-19 Aslam, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium:Composition Gradient Driven Natural Convection in Soluble Lead Redox Flow Batteries
19-09-19 Vijesh J Bhute, Trinity College at University of Cambridge Metabolomics in Biomarker Discovery and Regenerative Medicine
20-09-19 Ashok Sekhar, MBU, IISc NMR spectroscopy: Why bother? NMR studies of intrinsically disordered proteins
26-09-19 Srinivasa Venu, EE, IISc Large-scale 3D reconstruction
01-10-19 CH Anil, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium:Development of coke-tolerant and stable ionic catalysts for dry reforming of methane and CO abatement
03-10-19 Pramod Pullarkat, RRI, Bangalore Mechanical responses of living cells
10-10-19 Monto Mani, CST Addressing Sustainability Challenges: Design and Research
15-10-19 Mani Ratnam, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium: Non-catalytic synthesis of biodiesel and solubilities of mixtures of lipid derivatives in supercritical fluids
17-10-19 Rahul Mangal, IIT Kanpur Active Janus Particles at The Liquid Crystal Interface
24-10-19 Ishan Bajaj, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Optimization Methods and Algorithms for Data-driven Process Systems
31-10-19 Ateeque Malani, IIT Bombay Synthesis of Nano and Meso-porous Materials: Understanding the Kinetics and Porosity Developement
07-11-19 Vivek Tiwari, SSCU, IISc New optical tools to monitor femtosecond quantum dynamics in natural photosynthesis
25-11-19 Krishnaraj Sambath To be announced
28-11-19 Attreyee Ghosh - Centre for Earth Sciences, IISc, Bangalore To be announced
05-12-19 AASHISH KUMAR GUPTA, Chemical Engg, IISc To be announced
09-12-19 Subhasish Baral, Chemical Engg, IISc Defense:
09-12-19 Debashis Barik from the Univ of Hyderabad To be announced
12-12-19 Vaidyanathan M. S Understanding Self-Assembly Mechanisms of Polymeric Materials for Biological and Energy Applications using Coarse-Grained Simulations
17-12-19 Aditya Bhan,University of Minnesota To be announced