Seminar Schedule - 2019

Jan - Dec 2019

Date Speaker Title
21-03-19 Prof. Govinda Rao, Maryland, Australia Disruptive Innovations to Make Healthcare Affordable
28-02-19 Prof. Amit Agrawal of IIT-B
21-02-19 Dr. Sudip Roy
31-01-19 Prof. Jeffrey J. Derby, University of Minnesota, Minnesota USA. Chemical Engineering in Materials Science: Modeling to reveal hidden mechanisms during the growth of large, single crystals
29-01-19 Suman Sinha Ray, MIE, University of Illinois at Chicago M.Tech (Res)Defense:
25-01-19 Prof. Manju Sharma, Univ. of Hyderabad M.Tech (Res)Defense:
25-01-19 Sita Kalyani, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc. M.Tech (Res)Defense:
24-01-19 Prof. Ganesh Viswanathan from IIT Bombay
24-01-19 PhD Thesis Defense : Rubesh Raja, Chemical Engg., IISc. PhD Thesis Defense:
22-01-19 Subhasish Baral, Chemical Engg, IISc PhD Thesis Colloquium:
21-01-19 Dr. Ananth Govind Rajan, MIT, Cambridge Atomistic Modeling and Simulations of 2D Materials: Nanoporous Defects, Force-Field Development, and Wetting
17-01-19 Prof. Sandip Ghosal of Northwestern Univ., USA On the mechanics of DNA under confinement