Therapeutic Engineering Lab

Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Research Interests

Our research involves the engineering of treatments and the establishment of principles of the design of novel drugs and vaccines that would lead to improved health care.  We focus on infectious diseases caused by pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis C virus, and mycobacterium tuberculosis, which today together affect hundreds of millions worldwide. Why are these pathogens more virulent than the ones, for instance, causing common cold? Why are some individuals successful in clearing these infections while others succumb? How do these pathogens develop resistance to drugs and evade vaccines? We develop mathematical models and simulations of the dynamics of infections caused by these pathogens that present a fundamental understanding of disease progression and the impact of intervention and provide a framework for rational therapy optimization with available drugs and facilitate the identification of guidelines for the design of new drugs and vaccines potent against these virulent, rapidly evolving pathogens.  We aim to establish improved therapeutic protocols that impede therapy failure, minimize side effects, and personalize treatments, enabling more effective combat of infectious diseases.

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