Ramalingaswami Fellow

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Fax: +91-80-2360-8121
E-mail: banani at iisc.ac.in


- Ph.D. from New YorkUniversity, NY, USA in 2008
- M.Sc. from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India in 2002
- B.Sc. from Presidency College, Kolkata in 2000


- CH 249 : Structural and functional DNA Nanotechnology Nanotechnology


Functionalizing DNA origami as nano-biochip In depth mechanistic understanding of aptamer-target complex using smFRET Merging topdown and bottom up DNA Nanotechnology to make robust nano robots and nano pores DNA origami based nano cage for drug delivery controlled by DNA aptamers In collaboration with:
Rahul Roy, Chem Engg, IISc
Manoj Varma, CENSE
Ambarish Ghosh, CENSE
Jayanta Haldar, NCU, JNCASR

Awards & Honors

- Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship from DBT India (2015-2020)
- Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellowship, Germany (2011-2013)
- Mac Cracken fellowship for graduate studies, NYU, USA (2002-2008)
- Best graduate student teaching award from GSAS and CAS, NYU, USA (2005)



1. DNA modification and visualization on an origami-based enzyme nano-factory; E. Weinhold & B. Chakraborty; Nanoscale, 13(4):2465-2471 (2021).

2. An Immobilized DNA Switch Modulated by Intermolecular Interactions; L. Qi, Y. Tang, B. Chakraborty, D. Sen, H. Z. Yu; The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 13779-13788 (2020).

3. DNA translocation through hybrid bilayer nanopores; R. Balasubramanian, S. Pal, H. Joshi, A. Rao, A. Naik, M. M. Varma, B. Chakraborty, P. Maiti; J. Phys. Chem. C; 123 (18), 11908-11916 (2019).

4. Smartphone-based kanamycin sensing with ratiometric FRET; S. Umrao, Anusha, V. Jain, B. Chakraborty, R. Roy; RSC Adv., 9, 6143 (2019).

5. Protein-induced fluorescence enhancement as aptamer sensing mechanism for thrombin detection; S. Umrao, V. Jain, Anusha, B.Chakraborty and R. Roy; Sensors & Actuators B, 267, 294-301 (2018).