Ramalingaswami Fellow

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E-mail: banani at iisc.ac.in


- Ph.D. from New YorkUniversity, NY, USA in 2008
- M.Sc. from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India in 2002
- B.Sc. from Presidency College, Kolkata in 2000


- CH 249 : Structural and functional DNA Nanotechnology Nanotechnology


Exploring the top down nanotechnology merger with bottom up nanotechnology using DNA aptamer and DNA Origami combo along with fabricated solid state nanostructures for applications in the domain of:
- Highly specific and sensitive detection of pathogens
- Understanding molecular level interactions between DNA and nano-objects including DNA   nanostructures, proteins etc using simulations and experiments
- Devicing prototype for detecting pollutants using hybrid nanopore sensing
- Making aptasensors visual and affordable for clinical diagnosis of toxins in healthcare domain

Awards & Honors

- Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship from DBT India (2015-onwards)
- DHR-GIA Grant with BMRC for DNA aptamer based Cholera detection (2020 onwards)
- DBT Grant for Parallel detection of food toxin for (2019-2021)
- MIT-DBT Grant for Research exchange visit (Sep-Dec 2014)
- Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellowship, Germany (2011-2013)
- MacCracken fellowship for graduate studies, NYU, USA (2002-2008)
- Best graduate student teaching award from GSAS and CAS, NYU, USA (2005)



Aptamers for viral detection and inhibition; B. Chakraborty; S. Das; A. Gupta; Y. Xiong; T V, Vyshnavi; M. Kizer; J. Duan; A. R. Chandrasekaran; X. Wang; ACS Infectious Diseases; Manuscript ID: id-2021-00546x.R2 (Accepted & selected as a front cover for a future issue) (2021).

Aptamer-Programmed DNA Nanodevices for Advanced, Targeted Cancer Theranostics; S. Walia, A. R. Chandrasekaran, B. Chakraborty, and D. Bhatia; ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 4, 7, 5392-5404 (2021).

DNA modification and visualization on an origami-based enzyme nano-factory; E. Weinhold & B. Chakraborty; Nanoscale, 13(4):2465-2471 (2021).

DNA translocation through vertically stacked 2D layers of graphene & hexagonal Boron Nitride heterostructure nanopore; R. Balasubramanian; S. Pal, A. Rao, A. Naik, B. Chakraborty; P. Maiti; M. Varma; ACS Applied Bio Materials; 4, 1, 451-461 (2020).

Effect of single nanoparticle-nanopore interaction strength on ionic current modulation; S. Pal, R. Bala, S. Jugade, A. Rao, A. Naik, B. Chakraborty, Manoj M. Varma; Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical, 325, 128785 (2020).