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Email : kumaran at iisc.ac.in
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- B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras (1987)
- Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Cornell University (1991)


- CH 203 Transport Processes
- CH 232 Physics of Fluids


In the broad areas of complex fluids and complex flows, our research interests range from molecular studies (below figure) to macroscopic applications such as microfluidic devices and fuel cells. We employ rigorous theoretical analysis (theo-rems in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, kinetic theory, and hydrodynamic stability), complex simulations (rarefied gas flows, lamellar mesophase simula-tions from molecular to continuum scales, and large scale turbulent particle-gas simulations) and sophisticated experiments (microfluidics, and nano-engineering of catalyst layers) to uncover fundamental phenomena and to demonstrate their potential impact on applications in microreactors, hypersonic transport and energy conversion systems.

Awards & Honors

- Infosys Prize 2016
- Fellow, American Physical Society (2015)
- TWAS Prize for Engineering Sciences (2015)
- APS-IUSSTF Chair Professor (2014)
- Prof. Rustum Choksi award for excellence in research for engineering (2012)
- JC Bose National Fellowship (2007)
- Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering (2006)
- Swarnajayanti Fellowship, Government of India (2002)
- Fellow, Indian National Science Academy (2001)
- Bhatnagar Award, Government of India (2000)
- Amar Dye-Chem Award, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (1999)
- Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences (1998)
- Indian National Academy of Engineering Young Engineer Award (1997)
- Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Medal (1996)



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