Seminars: 1st Semester (Aug-Dec) - 2021

Aug - Dec 2021

Date Speaker Title
05-08-21 Madhavan Raja, Chemical Engg., IISc Colloquium: Inkjet-Printed Silver Nanowire Based Strain Sensors for Wearable Sensing Applications
12-08-21 Sai Gautam Gopalakrishnan, Assistant Professor, Dept of Materials Engg, IISc Combining density functional theory and thermodynamic frameworks for materials design in energy applications
26-08-21 Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering: Past, Present, and Future
31-08-21 N. Sathishkumar, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium : Paper microfluidic tools to improve the sensitivity and dynamic range of point-of-care immunoassays
23-09-21 Satyaghosh Maurya, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium : Elucidating the action of pore forming toxins on lipid membranes using single molecule fluorescence techniques
30-09-21 Priyanka V , Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium : Droplet isothermal amplification for nucleic acid quantification
07-10-21 Pawan Verma, Texas A&M University Colloquium :3D Printing of Advanced Polymer Composites for Multifunctional Applications
18-10-21 Mahesh Ganesan, Dept of Chem Engg, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Manipulating colloidal gel rheology through monomer anisotropy and embedded activity
25-10-21 Shaik Firdoz, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Next-Generation Nano-hybrids for Energy and Environmental Applications
28-10-21 Selvaraj Nagarajan, Dept of Chem Engg, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Re-investigation of Polymeric Ring-banded spherulites
01-11-21 Biswajit Saha, NIT, Rourkela Design and development of flexible strain sensors for health care, smart farming and defence applications
09-11-21 Elisabeth Guazzelli, Univ. of Paris, CNRS, France Rheology of dense granular suspensions
12-11-21 Dr Santosh Kumar Meena, (NCL), Pune Understanding shape control of gold nanoparticles: a microscopic, atomistic perspective
16-11-21 Peter Varun Dsouza,Chem Engg, IISc Defence : Rheology of granular materials
16-11-21 Dr Indresh Chaudhary Elasto-inertial linear instabilities in viscoelastic plane and pipe Poiseuille flows
17-11-21 Ranajit Mondal,Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay Evaporative patterning of colloids via controlled drying of dispersions
18-11-21 Dr Chandra Gannavarapu, Houston, Texas, USA Research Opportunities in Sustainability Drives
22-11-21 Phani Kanth Sanagavarapu, Chemical Engineering, IISc Defence :Dynamics and Rheology of Non-Colloidal Suspensions: Active and Soft Particles
23-11-21 Ravi Kumar Reddy, Chemical Engineering, IISc Defence : Study of solvent induced polymorphism and crystal nucleation from solution
25-11-21 Dr. Partha P Maitra, President- Strategy and Initiatives Reliance Industries Refinery of the Future
06-12-21 Bhanupriya Boruah, Chemical Engineering, IISc Defence : Photocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic systems for water remediation and energy applications