Seminars: 2nd Semester (Jan-Jul) - 2020

Jan - Jul 2020

Somnath Ghosh
Date Speaker Title
16-01-20 Kshetramohan Sahoo, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium: Studies on a new spinning disc spinning bowl contactor/mixer
22-01-20 Rajasekhar, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium : Exploring water dynamics and gas separations in graphene oxide surfaces and nanopores
23-01-20 Praveen Vadlani, Kansas State Univ Bioprocessing: Toward a Sustainable Bioeconomy
27-01-20 Nitin Kaistha, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur Planwide control : Bringing method to the madness
28-01-20 Safety Presentation Safety Presentation
30-01-20 Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan, BSSE Single-molecule imaging of cytoplasmic dynein in vivo reveals the mechanism of motor activation and cargo capture
06-02-20 Ananya Saha, Chemical Engg, IISc Defense: A framework for optimizing immunotherapy for long-term control of HIV
06-02-20 Pranay Goel, IISER, Pune Insulin secretion: New roles for the development of type 2 diabetes and its complications
13-02-20 R. Suresh Kumar,Syracuse University, USA Structure, Dynamics and Rheology of Self-Assembled Fluids: Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations
14-02-20 Ravi Jagadeeshan, Monash Univ. Wet and dry internal friction can be measured with the Jarzynski equality
14-02-20 CH Anil, Chemeng, IISc Defense : Development of coke-tolerant and stable ionic catalysts for dry reforming of methane and CO abatement
20-02-20 Rachit Agarwal,BSSE,IISc Biomaterial-based delivery of bacteriophages for treatment of antibiotic-resistant lung infections
27-02-20 Mahesh Ganesan,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA On the microstructural, thermo-rheological and optical properties of a soft matter triad: biopolymers, elastomers and colloidal assemblies
28-02-20 Saurabh Umrao, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Defense:DNA-based fluorescent reporters for biosensing and lipid dynamics
05-03-20 Babji Srinivasan, IITgn Human Performance Assessment:A Step towards Obviating Human Errors in Process Industries using Eye Tracking Studies
09-03-20 Mani Ratnam, Chemeng, IISc Defense: Non-catalytic synthesis of biodiesel and solubilities of mixtures of lipid derivatives in supercritical fluids
12-03-20 Susmita Das, Material Sci. IISc Phase change and colloidal transport on nonwetting surfaces
12-03-20 Amanuel Gebrekrstos, Chemical Engineering, IISc Defense Processing mediated polymorphism in PVDF-based dielectric polymers and their application
19-03-20 Jason Picardo, IITB To be announced
26-03-20 Rajesh Ganapathy, JNC, Bangalore To be announced
27-03-20 Ravi Kumar Arun, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, West Bengal To be announced
02-04-20 Parul Verma, Purdue To be announced
03-04-20 Sanjay Katheria To be announced
09-04-20 Gautam Biswas, IITK To be announced
10-04-20 Alan Ranjit Jacob, NCSU To be announced
16-04-20 Sudipta Maiti, TIFR, Mumbai To be announced
17-04-20 Somnath Ghosh To be announced
30-04-20 Sumesh Thampi, IITM, Chennai To be announced