Seminars: 2nd Semester (Jan-Jul) - 2020

Jan - Jul 2020

Date Speaker Title
16-01-20 Colloquium:Kshetramohan Sahoo, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium: Studies on a new spinning disc spinning bowl contactor/mixer
21-01-20 Colloquium:Rajasekhar, Chemical Engg, IISc To be announced
23-01-20 Praveen Vadlani, Kansas State Univ Bioprocessing: Toward a Sustainable Bioeconomy
28-01-20 Safety Presentation Safety Presentation
30-01-20 Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan, BSSE To be announced
13-01-20 Radhakrishna SureshKuma To be announced
24-02-20 Ravi Jagadedshan To be announced
27-02-20 Mahesh Ganesan On the microstructural, thermo-rheological and optical properties of a soft matter triad: biopolymers, elastomers and colloidal assemblies