Seminars: 2nd Semester (Jan-Jul) - 2021

Jan - Jul 2021

Date Speaker Title
14-01-21 Adrian Bejan, J.A. Jones Distinguished Professor, Duke University Evolutionary Design with Freedom
19-01-21 Navjot Kaur, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium FLIPP-NAAT: A portable, inexpensive, and easy to use molecular diagnostic technology
27-01-21 Pradyumn Sharma, Dept of Chemical Engg , IISc ColloquiumMolecular investigation of the bacterial cell envelope: Elucidating differential barriers for antimicrobials
04-02-21 Tom Soh, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Radiology, Stanford University, USA Continuous measurements of biomolecules in live subjects
09-02-21 Bhanupriya, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium: Photocatalytic/Photoelectrocalytic systems for water remediation and energy application
11-02-21 Prof. Gautam Biswas, Professor and JC Bose National Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur Dynamics of the falling drops and shape of the cavity generated due to the impact of drops on a deep liquid pool
16-02-21 Shivanandkumar Veesam, Chemical Engg, IISc PhD ThesisDefense:Study of phase equilibria and interfacial properties of systems containing clathrate hydrates using molecular simulations
18-02-21 Vishak Chandra, Chemical Engg, IISc Direct numerical simulation of heat and mass transport in fixed bed reactors
25-02-21 Narendra Dixit, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Institute Colloquium:From the specific to the general and back: HIV-AIDS, COVID-19, and beyond
04-03-21 Vijay Kumar Krishnamurthy, ICTS Bangalore Harnessing confinement and driving to tune active particle dynamics
11-03-21 Achinta Sannigrahi, Postdoc, Dept of chemical engineering, IISc Bangalore Protein Membrane Interactions: Deciphering the enigma of infection and disease!!
18-03-21 Alberto Striolo, Professor, University College London, Dept of Chem. Engg, UK Multi-Scale Simulations Relevant for the Materials and Energy Sectors
15-04-21 Supreet Singh Bahga, IIT Delhi Electrohydrodynamic instability in microchip electrophoresis
20-04-21 Ravi Kumar Reddy A, Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium:Study of solvent induced polymorphism and crystal nucleation from solution
22-04-21 Sudipta Maiti, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Lipid Membrane Order and its Unexpected Modulation by Small Signaling Molecules
29-04-21 V. Shankar, IITK Kanpur Linear Mechanisms for Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Rectilinear Viscoelastic Shearing Flows
06-05-21 Kumar Agrawal,ISIC,EPFL Chemistry & engineering of two-dimensional materials for energy-efficient molecular separation
13-05-21 Phani Kanth Sanagavarapu, Chemical Engineering, IISc Colloquium :Dynamics and Rheology of Non-Colloidal Suspensions: Active and Soft Particles
17-05-21 Peter Varun Dsouza, Chemical Engineering, IISc Colloquium : Rheology of granular materials
27-05-21 Yagnaseni Roy,Center for Sustainable Technologies, IISc Membrane technologies for sustainable separation solutions
03-06-21 Supreet Saini, Associate professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay How do new species come into being? Design of experiments to demonstrate sympatric speciation in laboratory conditions
10-06-21 Raghavan Varadarajan, Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science COVID-19 immunogen design
28-06-21 Souvik Ghosh, Research Engineer, Components Research, Intel Corp. Hillsboro, OR, USA Atmospheric-pressure micro-plasmas: A versatile tool to induce chemical reactions with solids, liquids and gases to make functional materials
08-07-21 Sanhita Sinharay, Assistant professor, BSSE, IISc Advancing the future of healthcare through molecular imaging interventions
15-07-21 Sudhir Ranganath, Department of Chemical Engineering at SIT, Tumkur Understanding and tackling the pathophysiology of corneal disorders and the ocular surface
27-07-21 Pradyumn Sharma, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense:Molecular dynamics investigation of the bacterial cell envelope: Elucidating differential barriers for antimicrobials
30-07-21 Navjot Kaur, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense: A paper-based LAMP assay for point-of-care TB detection