Structure, Dynamics and Mechanics of Biological Membranes

The cell membrane, which is both a protective barrier and selective transporter encapsulating intricate cellular machinery, plays varied and complex roles in biological systems. Despite extensive experimental and theoretical investigations on cell membranes and their models (collectively referred to as biological membranes), our knowledge and understanding of their intricacies are still evolving. The underlying relationships between the structure, dynamics, and mechanics of biological membranes have come into sharper focus through novel instrumental and theoretical advancements. Challenges in membrane research lie in identifying new paradigms for diseases like cancer, breakthroughs for diagnosis, targeted drug delivery and therapy and developing novel platforms for biosensors.
Many scientists in U.S.A. and India are engaged in cutting-edge research in the fundamental and applied aspects of biomembrane research, which is inherently an interdisciplinary field cutting across the physical and life sciences, and engineering. It is important to identify and foster collaborative research to enable rapid advancements that will impact many fields. To this end, this symposium will bring together experts in the U.S.A. and India to share and discuss their current research in various aspects of biological membrane structure, mechanics, and dynamics. The symposium will occur over three days at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with sessions focusing on:

  • Biomembrane Structure, Dynamics, and Mechanics
  • Protein and Nanoparticle Interactions with Membranes
  • Emerging Biomembrane Theoretical Models and Molecular Simulations
  • Advances in Instrumental Methods for Biomembrane Structure Dynamics and Mechanics.

  • Graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral associates will present posters on their research in two afternoon sessions. There will be ample time for interaction and discussion at this Workshop. On the last day we envisage a discussion session to plan future meetings/collaborations in this emerging multidisciplinary area.

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