Seminar Schedule - 2018

Jul-Dec - 2018

Date Speaker Title
27-12-18 Prof. J. Ravi Prakash, Monash Univ. Australia The Dynamics of Polymer Solutions at Finite Concentrations
13-12-18 Dr. Laxmi Narayan, Shell, Bengaluru IH2 - Technology - Enables generation of value from Waste Biomass
27-11-18 Rimzhim Gupta, Chemical Engg., IISc PhD Thesis Colloquium :An approach towards inactivation of susceptible and antibiotic resistant bacterial contamination using novel photo(electro)-catalysts
27-11-18 Prof. Karthik Raman, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras Learning and Predicting Novel Metabolic Pathways through Subgraph Mining
27-11-18 Amar Kumar Garg, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense : Quality-quantity trade-off during antibody production
15-11-18 Dr. Danny Raj M, Chemical Engg., IISc Collective behaviour of a group of interacting agents: droplets, fishes and traffic
08-11-18 Prof. Upendra Nongthomba, MRDG, IISc Identification of food/food-supplements to ameliorate neurological disorders using Fruitfly
25-10-18 Mr. Asis Panda, Founder, DIP Coffee The State, Challenges, and Aspirations of Preserving Freshness in Packaged Ground Coffee
24-10-18 Neha Lamba, Dept of Chemical Engg. IISc Colloquium : Supercritical transesterification: a sustainable approach towards synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), useful as biodiesel
11-10-18 Dr. Bulbul Chakraborty,Brandeis University, New York Shear Induced Rigidity in Granular Materials - a Statistical Approach
27-09-18 Dr. S.H Krishnan, Samsung, Bengaluru Snapshots of Battery Research - Electrochemical models, state estimators and beyond
11-09-18 Abhishek Ranade, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc M.Tech(Res) Colloquium:Flexible Hydrogen Leak Detectors
07-09-18 Amit Behera, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc M.Tech(Res) Thesis Defense: Molecular Dynamics simulations reveal the role of membrane cholesterol in the pore-forming pathway of Cytolysin A
06-09-18 Prof. Tanweer Hussain, MRDG, IISc Understanding the initial steps of protein synthesis
20-08-18 Disha Jain, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Syngas Production by Methane Reforming and H2Purification by CO Abatement over Transition Metal-Substituted Reducible Oxide
16-08-18 Dr. Deepak Kumar, Univ. of Massachusetts Elastocapillary phenomena with thin films
13-08-18 Krishnaraj Palaniswamy, Chemcial Engineering, IISc Colloquium: Flow and structure of dense granular materials
09-08-18 Dr. N Venkateswarlu Choudary, HPCL, Bengaluru Energy Efficient Separation of light alkenes from alkanes � Recent advances and challenges
07-08-18 Aditya Kumar, Chemcial Engineering, IISc M.Tech(Res) Colloquium : Rapid Detection of Adulterants Using a Portable Raman Spectrometer
31-07-18 Ravi Kiran M, Chemical Engineering, IISc PhD Thesis Defence:Development of noble metal catalysts and detailed kinetic models for CO oxidation and water gas shift reactions
30-07-18 Dr. Lucy Nandy, University of Minnesota Chemical Thermodynamics of Aqueous Atmospheric Aerosols: Modeling and Microfluidic Measurements
27-07-18 Sagar Bharathraj, Chemical Engineering, IISc PhD Thesis Defence: Rheology of Dense Granular Chute Flows
19-07-18 S Sita Kalyani, Chemical Engineering, IISc M.Tech(Res) Colloquium: Study of solvent induced crystal polymorphism via molecular simulations of nucleation
12-07-18 Jatin Panwar, Chemical Engineering, IISc PhD Thesis Colloquium: Unit operations in suction based droplet microfluidics for single cell analysis
2018 Jan-Jul

Date Speaker Title
11-01-18 Puskaraj Joshi, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense: Inkjet printed nanostructured silver and metal-coated silver films on flexible substrates - A versatile platform for sensing applications
11-01-18 Prof. Siddhartha Panda, IIT Kanpur Microfluidic Immunosensors - Transport, Reactions and Detection
15-01-18 Praveen Kumar, Chemical Engg., IISc Defense: Molecular Simulation Studies of Competing Pathways in Crystal Nucleation
18-01-18 Dr.Tanya Gupta, Princeton Univ Characterization of interfacial phenomenon in electrochemical systems
18-01-18 C. Ram Narayan, Chemcial Engg., IISc Defense: Non-catalytic synthesis of biolubricant esters and their solubilities in supercritical carbon dioxide
24-01-18 Prof. Himanshu Upadhyaya, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru Where have all the Narmada Waters Gone: Troubled Beneficiaries of Sardar Sarovar Project
08-02-18 Prof. Prateek Sharma, Physics Dept, IISc Angular momentum transport in accretion
15-02-18 Dr. Dasari Babu, DHST Consultants Design and Construction of Offshore Gas Pipelines and Associated Hydrate Problems.
27-02-18 Sundar Raman, GE Power, General Electric Co. USA Journeys beyond Chemical Engineering
01-03-18 Dr. Bipin Vora, Retired UOP/Honeywell Fellow, Chicago From Concept to Commercialization of Catalytic Processes
15-03-18 Ganesh M, Chemical Engineering Dept, IISc Defense: Modelling and Experimental Studies on Dynamic Behaviour of Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors
15-03-18 Prof. Sreenivas Jayanti from IIT Madras The electrolyte circulation problem in flow batteries
11-04-18 V. Vadhana, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Defense :Structure and Dynamics of Fluids under Nanoscale Confinement
12-04-18 Dr. L. Srinivasa Mohan, Principal Application Engineer, ANSYS Inc., Pune The synergy between simulations and machine learning
31-05-18 Rubesh R, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Colloquium: Modelling and optimization of novel therapies for HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections Date : 31-5-2018
21-06-18 Amar Kumar Garg, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Colloquium: Quality-quantity trade-off during anti-HIV antibody production
28-06-18 Prof. Tanmay Lele, Chemical Engg., University of Florida Mechanics of nuclear shaping