Message from the Chairman
On behalf of all members of the department of chemical engineering, I extend my warm greetings. Situated in a century-old renowned institution, this department is over 50 years old. Through the years, it has built high quality teaching and training programmes, and engaged in research on problems of technological importance to India, and humankind in general. We are proud that this department has trained students who have gone on to work in a diverse range of industries and institutions, thereby contributing to the industrial growth of India. We are equally proud that we continue to contribute to current areas of technology and engineering science.

We offer two masters and a PhD programmes, which build on a strong base of advanced and diverse graduate courses and encourage students to undertake research that is challenging and intellectually stimulating. Chemical engineering has been a bridge discipline from its inception, melding concepts from chemistry, physics and engineering to understand realistic industrial processes, and building a strong mathematical foundation for their description. The research conducted in the department today is truly multi-disciplinary, bringing in concepts from frontier areas in biology, nanotechnology and other sciences. I urge the reader to look through the profiles of the members of our faculty.

Our department also remains engaged more directly with the society at large. Through the Outreach programme, we conduct internship programmes for college students and deliver lectures in colleges. We participate at various levels in the administration of science and technology programmes in the country.

The coming years pose many challenges, and also offer opportunities. Our  department aims to remain one of the premier departments of chemical engineering in the country, and strives to achieve a place among the best departments in the world.

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta