The Department of Chemical Engineering is located in the heart of the IISc campus. Originally constructed in
the 1960s, the building has been significantly renovated in recent times. Spanning about 15000 square feet of
experimental laboratory space and 5000 square feet of office space, class room and conference rooms, the
department houses twelve experimental and computational laboratories. Two cleanrooms (400 square feet,
Class 10000; 225 square feet, Class 100000) are available in the department for nanomaterial synthesis/analysis and single molecule imaging.

With several experimental groups sharing the resources in the department, the experimental facilities have
grown and evolved over the years and the department now houses advanced spectroscopy, chromatography,
imaging and material property measurement instruments from a variety of sources. It also houses a large collection of chemical and biochemical reactors, which are regularly used for experimental investigations. Below is a partial list of the available equipment with the department.

- Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GBC Scientific)
- FTIR with reflectance transmission (Perkin Elmer)
- FTIR with Evaporative Light Scattering (ELSD) Detectors (Perkin Elmer)
- Gas Chromatograph with mass spectrometer (Varian)

- Fermentor (Sartorius)
- High Pressure Reactor (AmAr)
- Ultrasound (Vibronics)
- Microwave (Essentia)

- Gas Chromatograph (Nucon)
- HPLC (Waters)
- Liquid Chromatograph with mass spectrometer (Waters)
- Gas Chromatograph with FID and TCD (AIMIL)
- Supercritical fluid chromatograph (Jasco)

Property Measurement
- Densitometer (Anton Parr)
- Differential Thermal Analyzer /Thermogravimetric Analyzer /Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Perkin Elmer)
- Rheometer (TA Instruments)
- Rheometer with microscope (Anton Parr)
- Tensiometer (Data Physics, Sigma 7)
- Surface Area Analyser (Smart instruments)
- Minimax Polymer Evaluation Unit (Custom Scientific Instruments)
- Testing of Polymers (Custom Scientific Instruments)
- Stopped flow reactor (Biologic)
- Dual Channel Fuel Cell Testing Station (Fuel Cell Technologies)
- Universal testing machine (Instron)

- High speed video imaging system (Speedcam)
- Confocal laser microscope (Olympus)
- Atomic Force Microscope (Asylum Research)
- Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (Carl Zeiss)

Size Measurement
- Dynamic light scattering device (Brookhaven)

- Direct Write Pattern Lithograph (Heidelberg Instruments)
- e-Beam Evaporator (Oerlikon Leybold)
- Reactive Ion Etching (Milman Thin Film Systems)
- Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (Milman Thin Film Systems)