Sponsored Projects
Sl.No Project (PI) Funding Agency Years
24. Computational Design of Drugs, Vaccines and Optimal Intervention Strategies Against Rapidly Evolving Pathogens (Narendra M Dixit) Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance 2015-20
23. To Develop mMthematical Models to Identify Protein-protein Interactions Preceding HCV Entry (Narendra M Dixit) DBT 2013-18
22. Probing Replication by RNA-dependent RNA Polymerases from Flaviviruses (Rahul Roy) Wellcome Trust / DBT 2013-18
21. Turbulence in the Flow Past Soft Surfaces (V Kumaran) DST 2013-18
20. Rheology, Fabric Anisotropy and Constitutive Modeling of Dense Granular Materials and Suspensions (Prabhu R Nott) DST 2014-17
19. Dense Particulate Systems (Prabhu R Nott) DST-ANR 2014-17
18. Multiscale Investigation of Nanomaterials with a Focus on energy and Related Aspects (K Ganapathy Ayappa, Sudeep Punnathanam) DST 2012-17
17. Probing Virus-host Membrane Fusion with Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Living Cells (Rahul Roy) IYBA-DBT 2013-16
16. Systems Analysis of Virus-host Interactions for Rational Optimization of Hepatitis C Treatment (Narendra M Dixit) DST 2013-16
15. System Analysis of Virus-host Interactions for Rational Optimization of Hepatitis C Treatment (Narendra M Dixit) DST 2013-16
14. Design and Fabrication Membranes for Water Purification Using Phase Separation in Polymeric Blends as a Tool (K Kesava Rao) DST 2012-15
13. Role of Allostery in Viral Self Assembly probed by Multiplexed single molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (MsmFRET) spectroscopy (Rahul Roy) DST 2013-15
12. Investigations of Protein and Nanoparticle Interactions with Supported Bilayer Membranes(K Ganapathy Ayappa) IRHPA-DST 2010-15
11. Treatment of Reject Water from Defluoridation Units that are Based on Reverse Osmosis (K Kesava Rao) DST 2013-15
10. Water Treatment: Removal of fluoride (K Kesava Rao) DST 2013-14
9. HIV Recombination and Immune Escape:Combining within host Viral Dynamics with Epidemiological Transmission (with Prof. Sebastian Bonhoeffer, ETH Zurich). (Narendra M Dixit) Indo-Swiss Joint Research Program 2012-14
8. Treatment of Desiccated Coconut Water Waste (J.R. Mudakavi) Coconut Board Project 2013-14
7. Energy storage: Batteries and Supercapacitors (Sanjeev Kumar) IRHPA-DST 2011-14
6. Nanoscale Chemoresistive Gas Sensor (S Venugopal) IISc-STC-ISRO 2012-14
5. BPCL-IISC Exclusive Collaborative Project in Nanotechnology - Development of Cutting Oil and Storage of Natural Gas (K Ganapathy Ayappa) IISc-SID 2007-13
4. Nanowire Array Based Dye-sensitised Solar Cells (S Venugopal) DST 2010-13
3. Continuous Flow Nanoparticle Synthesis (S Venugopal) DST 2007-13
2. Targeting Receptor-mediated Virus-cell Interactions to Identify Novel Antiviral Targets by Computational Approach (Narendra M Dixit) DBT 2007-13
1. Laboratory for Particle Engineering (Sanjeev Kumar) IRHPA, DST, India 2007-13