Computing / Workshop

Computing Facilities

Apart from computer servers in every research lab for computational analysis and modeling, department also houses a dedicated computer room for all students for computing with a printing facility. Most of the commonly used softwarelicensesare available from SERC ( The department also houses multiple clusters managed by various groups as detailed below.

IISc (Fuiitsu) - 216 processors (2.6 Hz), 16 GB RAM (Sanjeev/Sudeep Lab)
Krishna (Tyan) - 96 processors (2.66 Hz), 8 GB RAM (Sudeep/Nott Lab)
SC (Tyronne) - 124 processors (2.4 Hz), 8 GB RAM (Sudeep/Nott Lab)
Almondine (Torque) - 248 processors (2.4 Hz), 8 GB RAM (Ayappa Lab)

Workshop Facility

The Department of Chemical Engineering also has an exclusive workshop facility for machining, cutting, welding and carpentry. Dedicated machinist and carpentry personnel maintain the workshop facilities, provide support and train students on the various machines.