Student Life
Chemical Engineering Association
CEA serves as a common platform for ChemE students and faculty to get together. CEA organizes lectures, field trips, outreach programs, sporting events, a cultural night and annual symposia generating a vibrant and enriching environment for all. CEA also serves the dual role of liaisons between the current students and the alumni of the Chemical Engineering department. The best part about CEA is that it is an organization of the ChemE students run almost independently by the students and hence providing extensive opportunities for honing leadership qualities and promoting professional growth while having fun with your friends and colleagues.

In the department
Students find the ChemE faculty to be friendly and genuine in their intentions. While the course work and research is rigourous and demanding, ChemE professors are easily accessible for conceptual doubts or suggestions related to research. The small size of the ChemE department means a very familiar and pleasant environment for all where one is able to share thoughts (and not just pertaining to research or science) over a cup of coffee in the library cum lounge. The academic freedom in framing their own research problems and them addressing them various techniques makes it an extremely rewarding journey. The existing camaraderie among the students effectively makes the department their second home.

With its serene, green environment and excellent facilities at IISc, seldom does one feel the need to go out into the city. With every facility from an outstanding library to expansive athletics to eateries, there is little that the campus lacks. A walk in IISc often turns out to be the perfect catalyst for the neurons to fire whenever one is stuck in a rut. The Student Council, Gymkhana and various student bodies organize a plethora of events year round to satiate any appetite away from research and courses. With 15 independent hostel blocks and several messes to choose from IISc student housing caters to all the needs of the students.

Bangalore and beyond
Bangalore is an exciting cosmopolitan city with many major industrial, commercial and educational centers. Nicknamed as 'Silicon Valley of India' on one hand to signify its global IT-industry and "Garden City" on the other, it resembles the struggles of a new city that is trying to maintain its historical integrity under perpetual growth. The beautiful and equitable climate, beautiful gardens, parks and natural lakes, provide ample opportunities for sight-seeing. Bangalore is also famous for its shopping malls, bustling plazas, bars and restaurants that are favorites among the students. Apart from the nearby city of Mysore, the Shivanasamudra Falls, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Nagarhole and Baneeerghtta National Parks are some of the attractions for the wild-at-heart.