"The rigorous course work and research training that I obtained in IISc are the best I could have hoped for. They prepared me well for my post-doctoral research at Minnesota, as well as for my current position at IIT Kanpur. My best non-academic experience was the very-friendly student crowd (at least in my times), where one could call upon anyone for a cup of coffee at any time of the day (or night!) and discuss research and other struggles in the life of a graduate student. "

V. Shankar, Professor, IIT Kanpur
vshankar at iitk.ac.in

"I have been conducting fundamental research (towards PhD, postdoc and research at IITB). The emphasis on fundamental research laid out via various courses and research training during M.Sc (Engg) at IISc has been of tremendous help in all the post IISc pursuits so far. I enjoyed Prof. Gandhi's modeling course and Prof. Kesava Rao's heat and mass transfer course. These courses gave a good flavor of how to come up with a hypothesis for a given problem."

Ganesh A Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay
ganeshav at iitb.ac.in

" I give full credit to ChE, IISc for shaping up my career in R&D. I am in this field previously with Dow Chemicals and now in Shell for 7 years and I still feel that the education I got from CE dept is very useful in my job. I had a short industrial experience before joining IISc however after completing masters from IISc my career was scaled to different height. The research oriented syllabus, excellent coaching & guidance, high standards in exams etc. is quite useful. The passion for technical stuff acquired in CE IISc, helping me in surviving in the R&D field. "

Saurav Kaujalgikar, Process Technologist, Shell Bangalore
saurabh.kaujalgikar at gmail.com

"Its a wonderful place with lots of freedom and great atmosphere to do research. As many feel, the importance of IISc will be felt only after we leave the place. During my academic period, I used to feel when I am going to submit my thesis. But now, i keep remembering those wonderful nights at IISc, which is totally absent in corporate world."

Girish M, Research Scientist, Unilever R&D Bangalore
girish1984 at gmail.com

"I completed both master and PhD from the chemical engineering department at the IISc. The interest each faculty member shows in training a student towards conducting research is phenomenal. The very fundamental questions raised in day to day life by my colleagues and the faculty at the department made me think in the right direction of solving important research problems. With the training I was provided with, now I am very much excited to contribute my part to science and hence to the society, as a post doctoral fellow at the MIT, Cambridge."

Siva Rama Krishna Perala , Unilever R&D Bangalore
cheperala at gmail.com