Seminars: 1st Semester (Aug-Dec) - 2020

Aug - Dec 2020

Date Speaker Title
02-09-20 Aslam Ansari, Chemical Engg Defense : Composition gradient driven natural convection in soluble lead redox flow batteries
17-09-20 Atul VARSHNEY, Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria) Hydrodynamic instability and turbulence in cardiovascular flows
25-09-20 Arunan Elangannan, IPC, IISc Molecular Beam Microwave Spectroscopy: Defining Hydrogen Bond and Discovering Carbon Bond!
01-10-20 Ranjith Padinhateeri, Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay Physical models to understand chromatin assembly and inheritance of epigenetic information
08-10-20 Rahul Roy, Dept of Chemical Engg., IISc Monitoring antibody response in COVID19 infections
15-10-20 Sanjay Katheria, , TU Dresden, Germany Catalytic structured reactors for hydrocarbon steam reforming
21-10-20 Sarah L. Keller, Univ. of Washington Seattle, USA Gargantuan domains in living yeast vacuole membranes (and what could make them smaller)
22-10-20 Parul Verma, UCSF Towards understanding chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and pathophysiology of pain sensation: an engineering approach
27-10-20 Shivanandkumar Veesam, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Colloquium: Study of phase equilibria and interfacial properties of systems containing clathrate hydrates using molecular simulations
29-10-20 Ananth Govind Rajan, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Combining Quantum and Classical Simulations for Advancing Applications at the Water-Energy Nexus
05-11-20 Sumesh P Thampi, IITM, Chennai Hydrodynamics of active particles in micro channels
19-11-20 Rajesh Ganapathy, JNCASR Emergent dynamics in driven designer granular matter
26-11-20 Bhushan Toley, Dept of Chemical Engg, IISc Development of an isothermal nucleic acid amplification test for COVID-19
03-12-20 Hari S. Ganesh, Texas A&M Energy Institute Modeling, Optimization, and Control Strategies for Energy and Environmental Systems
17-12-20 Karthik Subramaniam Pushpavanam, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Washington Bio-Nanotechnology Approaches Towards Design of Next-Generation Sensors and Materials