ChemE@IISc Symposium 2019

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is organizing the ChemE@IISc Symposium (CIS) 2019 on 30th of May, 2019. CIS is conceived as a platform to foster interactions between the industry and academia by offering a closer look at the diverse set of problems that the department is engaged in.  This year, the symposium will feature research talks and poster presentations by the students and faculty of Chemical Engineering, with a plenary talk by Dr. Janhavi Raut and Prof. Narendra Dixit.

Agenda for the Symposium

Research Talks - 2019
Poster Presentation - 2019

Committee Members

Asst. Prof. Bhushan Toley Varun Peter (PhD)
Ashwin (PhD) Samlesh Choudhary (PhD)
Shruti (PhD) Anil CH (PhD)
Ananya Saha (M Tech (Res))