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- B.Sc., Chemistry, Karnataka University, Dharwad (1969)
- M.Sc., Analytical Chemistry, IIT Bombay (1972)
- Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, IIT Madras (1977)


- CH 239 Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis


My major interests lie in environmental pollution control and determination of trace and ultra trace metal ions and organics in environmental samples. We are developing activated carbon fabric (ACF) and modified granular activated carbon materials (MOGAC) for the respiratory masks that are widely applicable for many gases. The technology has been transferred to HEG Limited, Bhopal and is now in commercial production. MOGAC are also useful in removing toxic heavy metals like chromium, arsenic, lead and anions such as fluoride and nitrates. Using MOGAC a continuous adsorption pro-cess has been developed for the removal of chromium. We are also exploring the use of activated alumina for the removal of fluoride from the RO rejects.

Our other research areas include effluent characterization and generation of energy from the desic-cates in coconut industry. We have demonstarted for the first time that coconut wash water and co-conut water can be successfully combined for anaerobic digestion that generates enough methane with good calorific value. Another active research front is the reduction of foul smell from the landfill sites that have been identified by the Bangalore Metropolis. We are also developing green analytical methods for the determination of sub-microgram levels of Mo and Fe in industrial effluents.

Awards & Honors

- Best engineering material award for the development of activated carbon fabric
- Rashtriya Gourava prashasti for achievements in Research and Education



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