Graduating Students

Amit Kumar Patel     (Resume)
Project: Calculation of contact angle of solid and liquid using Molecular Dynamic simulations.
Advisor : Sudeep Punnathanam
Graduation Year : Passed Out (2020)

Anshul Singhal     (Resume)
anshulsingha at
Project: Partitioning of small molecules in bacterial cell membrane using molecular dynamics
Advisor : K Ganapathy Ayappa
Graduation Year : June 2021

Debarchan Basu   Resume
Project : Backmapping of coarse-grained MARTINI model to atomic structure of Oxysterol interaction with lipid ect on the cell signalling mechanism.
debarchanb at
Advisor: Ganapathy K Ayappa
Graduation Year : June 2021
Khomveer Singh    Resume
khomveers at
Project : Microkinetic modelling of propane dehydrogenation
Advisor: S Venugopal
Graduation Year : June 2021
Mohet Mittal   (Resume)
mohetmittal at
Project : Study of fluid flow in micro-channels through semi permeable solid depositions
Advisor: Bhushan Toley
Graduation Year : June 2021
Subrat Kumar Meher     Resume
subratmeher at
Project : Macro molecule dynamics in a suspended lipid bi-layer membrane: In order to study the dynamics of the macro molecules in the lipid bi layer membrane it was mimicked as a suspended lipid bi layer membrane
Advisor: Rahul Roy
Graduation Year : June 2021
Suriya Narayanan R    (Resume)
suriyar at
Project : Computation of phase diagram of gas hydrates
Advisor: Sudeep Punnathanam
Graduation Year : June 2021
Ugesh Vayugundla     Resume
ugeshv at
Project : Crystal nucleation of Sodium Chloride.
Advisor: Sudeep Punnathanam
Graduation Year : June 2021

Nishchal Priyadarshi     Resume
nishchalp at
Project : Artificial Intelligence Based Cell Identification for Diagnosis of Rare Disease
Advisor: V Kumaran
Graduation Year : June 2022
Anwin John     Resume
anwinjohn at
Project :Electro-catalytic reduction of Carbon dioxide to methane
Advisor: Ananth Govind Rajan
Graduation Year : June 2022
Kartikeya Aditya     Resume
kartikeyaa at
Project :Understanding Gut Microbiome and microbial interactions
Advisor: Narendra M Dixit
Graduation Year : June 2022
Akshi Gupta     Resume
akshigupta at
Project :Interfacial processes
Advisor: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Graduation Year : June 2022
Harshit Mittal     Resume
harshitm at
Project : Intensification of Transport Processes across solid liquid interfaces
Advisor: Sanjeev Kumar Gupta Mittal
Graduation Year : June 2022
Nitesh Jaiswal     Resume
niteshj at
Project : Dynamic optimization of feed flow using ML/DA
Advisor: Jayant M Modak Jaiswal
Graduation Year : June 2022
Tatapudi Sandeep Kumar     Resume
ktsandeep at
Project : Nanostructured Sensors
Advisor: Venugopal S T Sandeep
Graduation Year : June 2022
Harshvardhan Pande     Resume
harshvardha1 at
Project : Paper Based Spirometry via. Fabrication of various paper based devices.
Advisor: Bhushan Toley Pande
Graduation Year : June 2022
Rohan Patel     Resume
rohanpatel at
Project : Simulation of super-capacitor
Advisor: Sudeep P patel
Graduation Year : June 2022
Jatoth Vijay     Resume
jatothvijay at
Project : Parallel paper-based toxin detection using DNA Aptamer
Advisor: Bhushan Toley
Jatoth Vijay : Linkedin
Graduation Year : June 2022
Nishant Gupta     Resume
nishantgupta at
Project : Molecular modelling of high mach number flows
Advisor: V Kumaran
Nishant Gupta : Linkedin
Graduation Year : June 2022
S V S S R K Phani Kanth   (Resume)
sphani at
Project:Dynamics and Rheology of Non-colloidal Suspensions: Active and Soft Deformable Particles
Advisor : Prabhu R Nott
V S S R K PhaniKanth Sanagavarapu | LinkedIn
Thesis Submitted (2021)
Armaan Rais     Resume
armaanrais at
Project : Propane Dehydrogenation - Microkinetic Modelling
Advisor: Venugopal S Rais
Graduation Year : June 2022