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Alumni Corner
  • Prof T R Das, an alumnus of IISc passed away on 13th March 2023. He had retired from the department on 31st July 1994. He had obtained his PhD degree from the department in 1966.

Prof. Rajnish Kumar, IIT Madras

We congratulate our Alumnus Rajnish Kumar (2002), currently professor in Dept of Chemical Engineering at IIT M, for being awarded the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar prize (2022) in Engineering Sciences

Prof. Bodhisatwa Chaudhuri with retd.Prof. KS Gandhi

Prof. Bodhisatwa Chaudhuri (MSc(engg), 1996) visited the department on Jan 21, 2023.

Dr. K. Sujatha MSc(engg) and Dr. M.V. Ramani, PhD with retd.Prof.KS Gandhi

Dr. K. Sujatha (MSc(engg), 1986) and Dr. M.V. Ramani (PhD,1992) visited the department on Jan 12, 2023.

Dr. Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Scientist, Argonne National Laboratories Argonne IL (Batch 2003)

Dr. Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, who gave a talk on "Accelerating Materials Discovery and Design using AI and Machine Learning" in the Department of Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, IISc on July 25, 2019. He is presently a Scientist in the Nanoscale Science and Technology Division at Argonne National Laboratory and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Molecular Engineering at University of Chicago, USA.

Prof Ravi Prakash, Monash Univ. (Batch before 2000)

Prof. Ravi Prakash, [PhD), Batch before 2000 (Monash University, Australia ) visited the department on 27 December, 2018 and gave seminar on: The Dynamics of Polymer Solutions at Finite Concentrations

Dr. SH Krishnan (Batch of 2005)

Dr. SH Krishnan, [PhD), Batch of 2005 (Samsung, Bengaluru) visited the department on 27 September, 2018 and gave seminar on Snapshots of Battery Research : Electrochemical models, state estimators and beyond (Battery Team @ SRIB)

N Ganesh, (Batch of 1997)

N. Ganesh [MSc (Engg), 1997-1999] visited the department on 7 July 2018 along with his wife Ramya, daughter Arshia, and son Agriya. He started off his career in the US as a software programmer in 1999 and had worked for Fortune 500 firms like Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan Chase, Verizon etc., and is presently working with S & P Global (Standard and Poors) in New York City, as a Director of Product and Analytics Technology. He told that in his current job, he gets to use the mathematical skills [Monte Carlo Simulations, Statistical Probability, MatLab] learnt in the course work here: an indicator of both the usefulness and importance department gives to train students for longevity. He presently stays in Edison NJ, USA. He met some faculty and some students ably explained to him the research work they are carrying out. His family greatly enjoyed the environs of the Institute

Gururaj M, Allegis (Batch of 1993)
         ; Kaushal Verma, Andritz (Batch of 2016)
Gururaj (ME) and family as well as Kaushal (M.Tech(Res)) who visited for the Symposium on 21 April, 2018

Visit of Dr. Srinivas Mohan, Ansys (Batch of 2000) 12 April 2018.
Srinivas Mohan has been working closely with Prof Venugopal who is restructuring the Reaction Engineering course taught for our 1st year graduate students. Srinivas Mohan delivered a set of lectures in the course to expose the students to real world problems in chemical reaction engineering, covering aspects of design and modern computational analysis. He also delivered a department seminar during his recent visit to IISc.

Visit of Pudukottai, Sundar
GE Power, General Electric Co. USA,
(Batch of 1997) 27 February, 2018
He delivered a department seminar on "Jouney beyond chemical engineering" during his recent visit to IISc.