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Giving to ChemE
Why we need your support?
The Department of Chemical Engineering,as an integral part of the Indian Institute of Science,is funded well by the Government of India for the salaries of its employees and students, and for conducting its core academic and scientific activities. In addition, our faculty receives competitive research grants for conducting our research from a variety of agencies.

Nevertheless, there are multiple benefits of support from alumni, well-wishers and philanthropists. The financial support they extend may be used, for example, for funding of initiatives that may otherwise have to wait a long time; they may be used to support travel of our students to conferences, that will enhance their academic experience; they may be used to invite acclaimed researchers from other institutions to spend time in our institute; and they may be used to improve the infrastructure of our department. Your support can ensure the growth of the department and its students, and help us achieve the goal of making the Chemical Engineering department at IISc one of the best in the world! Your gifts may be for a particular purpose, or for the overall growth of the department.

How to give?
Please use the following link for donation
The receipt will be sent directly to the sponsor. All donations are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax act.

In case of queries regarding giving to ChemE at IISc, please contact us by email (chair at