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Prospective Students

The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to providing a high quality and modern education at the Masters and doctorate levels, on par with international standards. The Department currently has a faculty of 12 professors and a scientific officer, some holding joint appointments with other institute departments/ programmes. The high faculty to student ratio provides for close interaction and an informal atmosphere, which is cherished by everyone in the department. Since 1961, more than 700 degrees have been awarded in the ME, M.Tech(Res), and PhD programmes. During this period, research carried out in this Department has resulted in more than 1000 publications.

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers post-graduate education leading to the ME and M.Tech(Res) and PhD degrees. Our ceiling intake for the ME programme is 24 students per year. There is no formal ceiling strength for the PhD programme, but we take about 12 students per year on average. The ME program is of two year duration equally divided into courses and project work. The two research programs, M.Tech(Res) and PhD, are aimed at in-depth investigations on original problems. The details of the various programmes can be found here .

The Department's research interests fall into eight basic groups: Biomolecular Engineering, Catalysis and Reaction Kinetics, Colloids and Interfacial Science, Complex Fluids, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Nanotechnology and Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulations. ChemE at IISc houses many well-known experts in several of these fields and is powerhouse of research in the fields of catalytic engineering, multi-phase systems and colloidal science. Newer areas of research like nanotechnology and biomolecular engineering are emerging as new focuses of research. More details about the areas of research can be found here.

The Chemical Engineering at IISc is devoted to providing an enriching and stimulating educational and life experience to all its members and looks forward to inducting intelligent and enterprising individuals as its students.